The Law Offices of Gregory P. Chocklett handles commercial collection matters ranging from single events to on-going monthly collections for larger creditors and collection agencies. Please note that the firm is no longer accepting consumer debt cases. Fees may be hourly, flat, or contingency. Debtor payments may be based on settlement agreements, post-judgment payment agreements or sheriffs’ seizures. Typical pleadings or actions include:

  • Demand Letters
  • Claims of Lien (aka Workman’s Lien or Mechanic’s Lien, etc.)
  • Complaints for Money Owed, Possession of Personal Property, etc.
  • Claim and Delivery
  • Confessions of Judgment and Settlement Agreements
  • Judgments
  • Filing of Foreign Judgments
  • Judgment Executions
  • Orders in Aid of Execution

Occasionally, supplemental proceedings are needed such as discovery, imposing financial sanctions, arresting and jailing debtors, reversing fraudulent conveyances, piercing the corporate veil, and so forth. The firm can continually work payment agreements, following up any defaults with communications or further legal action as required. We are also able to support you with customized reports or data extracts to identify further collection opportunities.